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start saving money on shipping costs.

Contact me to plan and implement sustainable small parcel strategies that cut costs and optimize customer experience.

Brandon Staton

Get Customized Solutions to Fit Your Needs

Modern problems require modern solutions. I understand there are lots of companies vying for your time. My commitment is simple: I will help you solve your shipping problems, or I will find someone who can. Here are some typical ways customers ask me to help:

Contract negotiation

Let's make sure you have the best shipping rates possible.

  • Base Rates
  • Surcharges & Accessorials
  • Fees and Payment Terms
  • Rebates and Rate Caps
  • Account Representation

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contract compliance

Let's make sure you're being billed according to the terms.

  • Monitor Discounts
  • ID Incorrect Charges
  • Optimize Service Selection
  • Avoid Unnecessary Fees
  • Maintain Tier Incentives

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KPI reporting & analysis

Let's spot trends and remain agile in the face of change.

  • Track Costs Over Time
  • Monitor Volumes
  • Validate Marketing Efforts
  • Track Carrier Performance
  • Understand Cost Drivers

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Thought partnership

Let's make sure our strategy evolves as change happens.

  • Conduct an RFP
  • Evaluate New Locations
  • Run What-If Analyses
  • Quantify Assumptions
  • Strategic Planning

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Shipping Rate


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benchmark assessment

Receive a free market analysis that compares your shipping costs to those of peer companies with similar shipping characteristics.


contract negotiation

Start-to-finish support to help you position your asks with the carriers and quantify each line of item of every proposal in terms of real dollars.



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strategic planning

Know exactly what to ask for and exactly how to ask for it; and understand which asks are most important to your company's bottom line.

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monitoring & compliance

Validate shipping invoices for accuracy, and quickly spot changes to shipping behaviors or carrier rules that are costing you unnecessary dollars.



Popular KPIS

Reporting & Analysis

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Base/Tier Incentives

Fuel Surcharges

DIM Divisors

Residential Surcharges

Delivery Area Surcharges

Peak Surcharges

Additional Handling

Oversize Charges

Deferred Incentives

Rate Caps

Dangerous Goods Surcharges

Declared Value Charges

Signature Options Charges

International Duties, Taxes, and Fees

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Gaining a competitive advantage requires constant attention to detail.

Thought Partnership

You're probably inundated with solutions providers telling you how their method is the silver bullet that will save you more money in less time. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. The companies I've worked with require agility; they want a blend of automation and availability; things that fit tightly around their specific needs so they can stay focused on their core business.

Gaining a competitive advantage means paying constant attention to detail. I'm ready to work with your team to identify, plan, and implement comprehensive, custom strategies tailored to your exact specifications. My team is built to support an array of internal initiatives from sourcing, to contract negotiation, to reporting and optimization of the carrier services you utilize.

What Others Are Saying

A lot has changed about the shipping landscape over the last decade. One constant, however, has been the trust hundreds of companies have put in Brandon to help them mitigate ever-rising costs and navigate complex and often uncertain shipping climates.

work with brandon

Before, we could only make broad assumptions. Now, we have access to the information we need to make specific changes that directly impact our budget and what we charge our customers.

JJ Thompson

VP of Operations

Brandon has worked with stakeholders across our organization to lower shipping costs across multiple carriers and to help us analyze and understand cost implications to our bottom line.

Kevin Barry

Co-Founder & COO

ShipMint makes it easy for stakeholders to see what matters and ignore what doesn’t. Our companies have improved performance and lowered costs by making better shipping decisions.

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